What’s planned for the Baragoola for 2017?

In the coming weeks, we’ll begin to share our plans for work we are aiming to complete in 2017, as well as some of the longer term strategies to make the ferry operational again.

There are obvious major projects such as the reconstruction of the Aft wheelhouse but many smaller projects such as refurbishment of the window sash assemblies and replacement of rotted deck head timbers sometimes fly under the radar.

So we will be posting updates about each project, large or small, from planning to completion, so you can track our progress in bringing the Baragoola back to life.

In addition to regular preservation work, projects scoped for 2017 include:

  • Aft Wheelhouse reconstruction
  • Aft promenade deck repairs
  • Outer deck repairs
  • Electrical installation upgrade
  • Main Engine Number 2 startup

This is, of course, supplementary to our regular work in preserving the hull and preventing water ingress – from above as well as below!

We will tell you more about our projects in detail in the coming days and weeks.

With thanks,

The Restoration Team.