The preservation continues!

Fresh faces and new ideas! But the preservation of the Baragoola continues unabated.

2016 has been a fantastic ride aboard the Baragoola – and we haven’t even left the dock! The Associations’ management structure has been streamlined, we have been successfully engaging with our strategic partners in the preservation and sometimes although it may appear the Baragoola herself has changed little, much is always happening.

We have farewelled some long-time members and volunteers, embraced some fresh faces joining the team and welcomed back volunteers from previous years. We would particularly like to thank Lance Lyon for his contribution and wish him well now that he has departed the project.

This of course heralds a reinvigorated project and there is much planned for the Baragoola for 2017 and the Association would love to have you participating in both the work needed aboard and in running the Association.

Our best wishes to all for a prosperous 2017.

The Barargoola Committee.

95 years young – special Membership offer

Rejoin now for 16 months membership subscription for the price of 12 months!

We’d like to offer our former members and supporters a special chance to celebrate the Baragoola’s 95th anniversary since her launch. From the 14th February to the 28th February, we’re inviting you to reconnect with the association with the chance to renew a lapsed membership that not only includes the remainder of the 2016 financial year, but also includes the 2017-2018 membership!

If you’ve never been a member and would like to join in now, we offer you a pro-rated membership subscription of $10, plus $10 joining fee for the remainder of the financial year.

You can download our membership form and follow the instructions on our Join Us page.

Make a difference – join in now!

What’s planned for the Baragoola for 2017?

In the coming weeks, we’ll begin to share our plans for work we are aiming to complete in 2017, as well as some of the longer term strategies to make the ferry operational again.

There are obvious major projects such as the reconstruction of the Aft wheelhouse but many smaller projects such as refurbishment of the window sash assemblies and replacement of rotted deck head timbers sometimes fly under the radar.

So we will be posting updates about each project, large or small, from planning to completion, so you can track our progress in bringing the Baragoola back to life.

In addition to regular preservation work, projects scoped for 2017 include:

  • Aft Wheelhouse reconstruction
  • Aft promenade deck repairs
  • Outer deck repairs
  • Electrical installation upgrade
  • Main Engine Number 2 startup

This is, of course, supplementary to our regular work in preserving the hull and preventing water ingress – from above as well as below!

We will tell you more about our projects in detail in the coming days and weeks.

With thanks,

The Restoration Team.

Committee meeting and member catch up

The committee would like to thank the members who were able to attend and participate in today’s monthly committee meeting. We would also like to thank the representatives from our “berth mate” the Cape Don Society for sparing the time to also join us today.

Looking after our timberwork

There are so many facets of a project of this size, we can never stop thinking outside the square.

Committee member Jono has been liaising with Peter Allan of Pest Inspection Services Pty Ltd to assess and treat the threat of termites on board. We must present such a delicious target for them, all that timber in a nice humid harbourside environment.

Evidence of termites was unfortunately found. Peter of Pest Inspection Services has kindly donated his services to not only treat the termites, but also encourage Bayer to provide the baits at no charge.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Peter for donating his time and knowledge to solve this problem for us. Please visit our Donors and Sponsors page for information to contact Peter if you require the services he offers.

The Restoration Team

A new year, a new broom sweeps clean

We’re beginning 2017 with gusto. On-going work on board over the preceding year, including the temporary removal of the aft wheelhouse, has allowed some waste to accumulate on board.

So to kick off 2017, we’re on a waste removal campaign to give us plenty of room to get cracking with the important jobs on board. We will also be moving back to posting more regular updates about activities on the boat and those around growing the association too.

Stay tuned!